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It is in your Hand

Massage Clinic Caherdaniel

We are here to support and encourage you on your journey to restore, reach and maintain
your Health

Offered in the Clinic, usually take 60 - 90 minutes
Prices vary between €65 and €90 depending on specialised treatments, length and extras
They are arranged with the Therapist beforehand and paid in cash or cheque at treatment.
At First Treatment always in depth history is taken. The minimum cost is  €70

Every Treatment is different. Aiming to restore, reach and maintain your health and bring you to your physical Balance.


 Together let us look for the causes, working us back through your symptoms, going on a “ forensic journey.”
I work with new methods and new combinations:

Pain free but deep (orthopedic massage)
Moving fluid gently (Manuel Lymph Drainage Dr. Vodder))
Making a posture-analysis,
Analysing your ergonomics and body mechanics (work environment, work related posture, movements)
Actively listening to you
Designing a Personalised exercise programme

I adjust the treatment to your changing needs by taking into consideration.

New findings,
YOUR in between session experiences, observations and improvements

I fully involve you every step

explaining  through pictures, 3-D functional anatomy programme, visualisation,
designing a personal maintenance programme to enable you to:       

get to know your body
get aware of it’s signs

learn to deal with it and
prevent recurrences


After your treatment you can avail of our relaxation room.
Wrapped in your hot towels slowly adjusting to the life outside.

Relaxation RoomRelaxation RoomRelaxation Room