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Pilates with Barbara
Audio Exercise to participate Pilates with Barbara

Barbara's CD

This CD is meant for people , who are familiar with the Exercise programmes I use in my Pilates classes at Caherdaniel, or have recently completed a STOTT PILATES™course with one of my colleagues worldwide. It is important to know STOTT PILATES™ principles and terminology to benefit from this audio tutorial.
10% of the Proceeds from the sale of this CD
will be donated to the Caherdaniel Chernobyl Children’s Project

01 Introduction & Warning
02 Pilates Principles
03 Tuning In
04 Imprint & Release
05 Hip Release
06 Spinal Rotation
07 Cat Stretch
08 Recap Shoulder Stability
09 Arm Scissors
10 Head Nods
11 Hip Rolls
12 Ab Prep
13 Breast Stroke Preps
14 Shell Stretch
15 Hundred
16 Hip Curls
17 Half Roll Back
18 Half Roll Up
19 One Leg Circle
20 Spine Twist
21 Single Leg Stretch
22 Obliques
23 Shoulder Bridge Prep
24 Roll Over Prep
25 Mermaid Stretch
26 Tuning Out