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Signs of Lymphodema:

Lymphodema patient

swollen arm, hand,
leg or foot?
heavy limb?

swelling worse at
the end of the day?

Lymphoedema can affect everyone
including infants
and children

Lymphoedema is a
treatable and manageable

Discuss these signs
with your Doctor.
Contact your local
MLD Therapist
for advice and treatment





Manual Lymph Drainage
Manual Lymph Drainage is an advanced discipline in the field of medical massage. It should only be applied from specially trained Therapists.
Dr. Emil Vodder developed the Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) method in the early 1930’s.
It is a gentle circular massage, carried out with precise, rhythmic movements exerting different intensities of pressure. Additional circular- pumping and cupping motions aim to redirect fluid away from swollen areas towards the healthy lymphatics, un-swollen areas where the fluid can be drained by normal routes back into the circulation.
Overall MLD is used to increase the transporting capacity of all lymph collecting vessels and with that decrease any swelling appearing in the body.

MLD is used for:
(fluid in tissues caused by blockage of the lymphatic system)
Primary - inherited disposition,
Secondary - result of injury or surgery
Swellings arising from:
Venous insufficiency, PMS, pregnancy related, Stroke (hemiphlegia),
Chronic inflammations
sinusitis, arthritis, acne and acne rosacea
Sport injuries
traumatic bruising, sprains, strains, fractures and torn ligaments
Acceleration of the healing process
Wounds , burns, scars and leg ulcers

Combined Decongestive Therapy 
is a combination of different Decongestive Therapies : Multilayered  bandaging, medical compression garments,  Exercises and skin care. It is used for lymphoedema  management
And MLD is a mayor part of CDT.

MLD should not be used In case of acute inflammation, thrombosis, tumors and cardiac oedema (oedema resulting from congestive heart failure),


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