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The Health Kitchen

The idea of  “The Health Kitchen” was born , when a mother and her young  daughter who was diagnosed severe scoliosis came into the MassageClinicCaherdaniel.
Their questions were not answered by consultants. Their fears of the unknown future were not met. While treating the girl, combining orthopedic massage, MLD and pilates breathing with special home exercise programme including  swimming, we were able to stop the scoliosis from worsening. After each session  it looked better, but we all felt the need for a stronger input. We knew in the long run this wasn’t enough.  The mother and Barbara spent hours on the internet searching  for explanations, possible cures and/or  treatment other than surgery.
They worked together, exchanged their findings, analysed and evaluated them, till they found a German source. From then on everything fell into place  mother and daughter went over to the Schroth Clinic. Please read their story in the folder about scoliosis. 
We agreed that The  accumulated information should not get lost .  We needed a space to keep it. Make it available to more people. Help to prevent. Help others to find their solutions with the support of those who have been there.

“In The Health Kitchen”

Health KitcheKitchen

We know there are different health issues (Exema, Cancer, High Colestrol ….) .
And probably someone close to here has researched, tried out  has experiences that could be shared.
In  “The Health Kitchen”
Collect information
We want to collect these information. At the moment small reports in folders, written format, sorted by issues and easy to access.
Creating a Telephone Helpline
For each subject  there will be a telephone number(s) of volunteering Life Experts . People willing to share their experience.
– mother to mother – person to person
Creating a Library
We also started a small library. Sharing our books.They still belong to the owners, “where they would only collect dust on the shelf” its better to share them and  somebody  can borrow  them in “The Health Kitchen”.
Lots of work has to be done  to organise this library
Drop in
 In “The Health Kitchen”
We are establishing an atmosphere ,
Where people can freely talk about health issues .
Sitting together
Finding information 
Exchanging experiences
A new way of local support . A Health Support Network
Future plans ?  lots
But first we need some Help!  Practical and Financial
If you are curious?!
 Bring your friend
Come in , feel at home and  make you a cup of herbal tea !