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The Workout Everyone is Talking About

Declared "the best workout in Hollywood" by ELLE Magazine, fitness programs based on the exercises of Joseph H. Pilates have become increasingly popular due to the invigorating results its practitioners enjoy. By focusing on proper alignment and form, emphasizing quality of movement over quantity, these exercises create improved postural habits. Combined with proper eating habits and cardiovascular exercise, Pilates also beautifully sculpts your body. Our instructors synthesize the original exercises of Joseph Pilates with modern knowledge of biomechanics to create a total body workout that strengthens and tones, increases flexibility and improves posture. Not only are stars such as Madonna and Sharon Stone reaping the benefits of Pilates, but also professional sports teams from the San Francisco 49'ers to the Cleveland Indians. The following athletes all boast the restorative powers of Pilates: golfer Tiger Woods, basketball star Jason Kidd, pitcher Curt Schilling, and offensive lineman Ruben Brown. Let the benefits of Pilates push you towards your peak condition today!

Develop Core Stability and Control

Pilates focuses on developing the deep stabilizing muscles of the torso and strengthening core abdominal and back around the spinal column. Pilates, a non-impact resistance exercise system, eliminates stress on your joints making this exercise method versatile, safe, and effective for all ages and fitness levels.

Pilates helps you achieve optimal strength and flexibility simultaneously. The result: longer, leaner muscles without the bulk. Pilates improves not only your posture, but also your balance and quality of movement with focus on the role of the muscles of the torso in maintaining proper pelvic and spinal alignment. Your entire body will feel free of old tensions and capable of new challenges

Protect Yourself from Injury

Years of one type of fitness training or habitual movement patterns such as a "one-sided golf swing", can create muscular imbalances, even for professional athletes and dancers. Stronger muscles continually compensate for weaker muscles causing misalignments in the body and leaving the body more susceptible to injury. To realign the body and prevent injury, care must be taken to develop both the core muscles of the body responsible for proper alignment as well as those muscles particular to each individual which have become weak over the years. Barbara hase been trained to fully address the needs of each client helping them to balance their bodies in a functional manner.