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Barbara’s professional development

Barbara is trained  and stateregistered in Germany as Educator (Erzieher).
After working  8 Years with children of all age groups, in different settings (kinder-garden, a home for socially challenged girls, in a youth leisure centre, day care and after School care) and  a variety of different positions including: group leader, Art teacher, Social worker and Principal, she went back to college to train as Therapeutic Pedagogue (Heilpaedagoge).
She was awarded with her diploma and state registration in 1981. The Training included: Psychology, Sociology, Observation, Play Therapy (Axline) and the use of different therapeutic methods for counselling: client-centred, behavioural therapy and group-work.
 As founding member of the Kleinkindertagesstaetten e.v. Muenchen she was involved in the set up of the network and its advisory office for parent/children groups. Which offered support, training and supervision for parents and educators. The number of member groups increased from 5 to 45.
Her deep understanding of people and her special love for their diversity evolved from those experiences.
The importance to recognise ones uniqueness and integrate it for the benefit of the whole, became her life’s aim.

In 1988 Barbara moved with her family to Ireland, developing a 17acre Kerry farm, through a permaculture design, into an ecological project.
A natural Oasis, which is now forming the picturesque, tranquil background of the massage clinic and hosting her son’s Garden Centre
She worked on/with the land, raising 3 children of her own and a foster child, she illustrated a picture book for children (published in Germany), revitalised the Caherdaniel Youth Club and studied PET (Thomas Gordon Parent Effectiveness Training). During this time she also worked as a free lance teacher for the VEC, Social Welfare and private organisations, she was founding member of SKWA (South West Kerry Women’s Association) a women’s group network and managed a 3 year European Project for Women.
Health problems stopped “Superwoman” in her race and during the healing process she found her destiny, her medium, the gift of touch.

1998 Barbara trained again, this time in Ireland.
Result: certified with ITEC and registered as Massage therapist with IMTA (Irish Massage Therapist Association)

At Vodder School, in Austria, she trained and was certified in Manual Lymph Drainage and CDT

She studied with Chris Stormer Reiflexology (a mixture of Reiki and Reflexology) and attended several courses about feet in relation to overall health,

Norway, in the methods of Sling Exercise Therapy. (red cord)

2002 Kathy Losty ( in Dublin with the Swedish programme “coordination training and massage for dyslexia.” led her back to working with children.
Beside the Dyslexia training. She is using her counselling skills to support parents and children with behaviour problems. MLD for “ lymphatic children” (constant colds - running noses)
Orthopedic Massage and Exercises to tackle postural problems

2002 Attracted by his pain-free methods for chronic and acute orthopedic problems and sport injuries and his fantastic results (e g. frozen shoulders, frozen hips, Shin-splints and  Plantar fasciitis) she started her training with James Waslaski (

2003 After working 4 weeks with his Assistant, Brenda Marshall, in Melbourne, Florida, Barbara started assisting James Waslaski at his workshops in the UK, Ireland and later in USA
Through this work, Barbara experienced that regular exercises and homecare play a vital role in achieving optimum Range of Movement (ROM) and maintaining muscle balance.

2004 To empower her clients to reach and preserve their mobility, flexibility and enhance their quality of life, Barbara trained at the first STOTT PILATES course in Ireland, concluding as STOTT PILATES certified instructor.

2007 After taking her written exam in Minnesota, in January 2007, she became the first certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist in Ireland and J. Waslaski’s first official TA (Teaching Assistant) in Europe.

 As well as comprehending his techniques and using them with increasingly better results, she learned from James that life long learning is about using and applying your knowledge and appreciating other modalities.
 Encouraged to use her other tools, Barbara started to combine. She was soon achieving fantastic results particularly in the combination of MLD, Ortho Massage and Pilates. E.g. by using MLD to reduce the swelling it is possible to start painless mobilisation and weight bearing exercises much earlier. That decreases the time taken to restore normal use after injury.
As strict believer in lifelong learning and in order to keep up high standards, regular reviews are essential,
Just for Pilates, she takes every year, a minimum of 6 hours continuous training and has since qualified with STOTT PILATES for Posture analysis, pre and postnatal, golf, bad backs and ISP (Injury Special Population 40 hours),
Orthopaedic massage reviews yearly and MLD /CDT biannually.
The Energy around us is a fascinating subject and Barbara is pursuing continues studying. Spending some time with Cindy Dale (New chakra healing) in Minnesota 2003 and 2007 imprinted unforgettable experiences that are reflected in her work and changed her life.

Result: The Integrated Therapy.
Every treatment is different. Even for the same person.

Reflecting the person’s status at the time and Barbara’s choice of combination of modalities used.  Reaching from her three faceted set up:  training, experiences and intuition to the client’s body, mind and soul.